The hair on your head traps a lot of air, which makes it a very good natural insulator, and it also prevents air from circulating around your head. Hair is an important part of keeping your head warm, and preventing you from losing your body heat, but the chances are pretty good that your family’s newest member does not have the full head of hair they would need to protect their growing brains and bodies from the cold. Hats for babies are an essential part of your infant’s wardrobe. It can also be important to protect your baby’s sensitive scalp from ultraviolet rays when you are outside in the sun, so that they don’t get burns or become overexposed.

You can protect your little one’s head in style with single knot and double know hats from the popular brand of baby garments and accessories KicKee Pants. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, we have hats for girls, boys, and of course unisex styles available to top off your little bundle of joy’s new wardrobe.

And when it comes time to begin taking cute photographs and recording memories for the future, there’s nothing more cute than your infant in a cute hat. Every new parent wants to show their child off to friends, family, and loved ones, so you will easily find lots of opportunities to dress up your little ones in one of our hats. Durable and easily washable, you’ll love all the baby hats we offer.