Best Springtime Pajamas: Meet Birdie Bean's Fishing and Bees Collection

Posted by Jen Hulet on 10th Mar 2023

Fishing and bees may not seem like they have a lot in common, but both can be a great way to teach kids about the importance of nature and the environment. Bumble bees and fishing can be an exciting and educational experience for kids, with plenty of chances to explore and learn about the natural world. Birdie Bean celebrates the love and learning of nature by creating three new prints just in time for spring. This collection is sure to become fast favorites for your child.

Birdie Bean believes that every child deserves to have fun and have comfortable sleepwear. Their newest collection celebrates the love of fishing and the beauty of bumble bees. These unique designs will make bedtime even more fun for little ones.

Birdie Bean Phoebe

Birdie Bean Phoebe- This adorable print features brightly colored bees buzzing around pink cotton candy cones and beehives dripping with golden honey. The sweetest print perfect for spring and summer. Phoebe is available in dresses, convertible rompers, blankets, and pajamas. 

Birdie Bean Finley

Birdie Bean Finley- The lake blue background is the perfect background for this fishing print. This playful print shows cartoon fish fishing with brightly colored worms. This creative and playful print is available in blankets, pajamas, convertible rompers, and more!

Birdie Bean Brooks

Birdie Bean Brooks- This print features aqua blue, navy, and green colored fish swimming on a white background. This adorable print is available in convertible rompers and pajama sets.

Birdie Bean bamboo pajamas are a great choice for parents who want their children to wear comfortable and fun designs and develop an appreciation for the environment. This collection by Birdie Bean will instill a love for nature in children. By incorporating outdoor themes into their pajamas, children are reminded of the beauty and wonder of the natural world all while being comfortable wearing bamboo pajamas.

Our Spring collection is a limited edition, so shop now before it is all gone! Shipping has begun.  So, browse our collection now, to find the perfect gift or spring outfit for you or your child today and get into the swing of spring with Birdie Bean.