Birdie Bean Celebrates Summertime With the Best Prints

Posted by Jen Hulet on 24th Jun 2022

The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising, and Birdie Bean is celebrating summer with the best prints and brightest of colors!

I am absolutely loving the newest prints by Birdie Bean. The colors and prints that Birdie Bean produces are always so unique, bright, bold, and fun. It is always so exciting to pop into the warehouse on Birdie Bean delivery day. There truly isn't a print or color choice that doesn't ignite a lightning bolt of positive energy. 

Birdie Bean's newest summer line has three prints that celebrate summer in the best ways. Isla, Cruz, and Chase are all unique and fun and are truly an excellent representation of summer.


Girl's Short Sleeve Dress and Shorts Outfit Set - Isla

Girl's Short Sleeve Dress and Shorts Outfit Set - Isla

ISLA The beautiful swirls of ice cream colored tie dye makes this print so sweet. The pink, yellow, purple, and white kaleidoscope of colors bordered with the a softest turquoise is everything for summer. There are several styles available in this print, and they are all devine. Baby Riddle carries the short sleeve dress, bubble romper, short sleeve pajama set, toddler blanket and convertible footie. 


Boy's Pocket Shortie Romper - Cruz

Boy's Pocket Shortie Romper - Cruz

Cruz Deep blue, turquoise, and white ribbons of tie dye makes you imagine cool ocean waters on a hot summer day. This print was the Baby Riddle team favorite. The perfect combination of colors is playful, creative, and fun. Baby Riddle carries both girl's and boy's styles in this print. This print would be an excellent option to match the kids in summer photos. From the shortie romper, short sleeve pajama set, toddler blanket, peplum outfit set, and convertible footie, this print is a go to for summer.


Boy's Short Sleeve T-Shirt and Shorts Outfit Set - Chase

Chase Some of the best parts of summer is spent splashing and cooling off in the pool, lake, sprinkler, or the ocean.  Water is popular, exciting, relaxing, and fun! Birdie Bean's "Chase" line explores the beauty and exciting aspects of ocean waves. We love the detail of the rip tide and the cool blue palm tree covered islands. This print comes in a variety of styles and sizes including twin sheets, crib sheets, and changing pads. Chase is the perfect print to transform a bedroom into a fun beach vacation. Baby Riddle has plenty of t-shirt/shorts sets, pocket tank tops, bubble rompers, shortie rompers, pajama sets, sheet sets, and blankets. 

There are so many options for summer apparel and Baby Riddle is proud to offer many styles, sizes, prints, and colors in all things bamboo. Birdie Bean has become a popular bamboo clothing company and we are always so excited to see their new lines. The new Isla, Cruz, and Chase line is so creative and we feel good knowing that we are only offering the softest bamboo and trendiest clothing.