Break Out The Flip Flops And Sunglasses!

Posted by Jen Hulet on 9th Jun 2022

My favorite time of year is here! Trees are budding, flowers are beginning to bloom, the sweet smell of these buds and blooms have me planning for summer, and I'm so excited that winter is finally over!

We live in Wyoming where the winter seems to hang on a bit longer here than it does other states. Just this week, while walking to the car to take my 11 year old daughter to school, we were both "hit" with the sweet smell of our blossoming Canadian Red Cherry tree.  We realized that winter is finally over! The conversation we shared on that drive to school was filled with all things summer. We chatted about camping on the mountain, tubing at the lake, and running through the sprinkler with her friends. One of the things we both got really excited for is to pack away our winter clothes and pull out the summer shorts, tank tops, sundresses, and flip flops. As I pulled away from the school after dropping her off, I realized....  she's definitely outgrown all her summer clothes from last year! You know what that means? I need to go summer clothes shopping! Baby Riddle is a great place to restock on summer clothes and has a large array of styles and sizes.

Posh Peanut launched 4 new prints just in time for summer. This launch features 3 different floral prints, Carissa, Janice, & Brisa. The other print that has launched is called Monster Trucks. This print is so playful and perfect for summer.  Each of these prints are elegant and unique in their own way. Knowing that one of this year's popular trends is showcasing florals, I am excited about these prints.



Carissa- This beautiful print features dancing daisies bursting with colors of peach, fuchsia, white, and baby blue. These delicately placed flowers represent the bright and whimsey feels of summertime. I love the versatility of this print. Your child will look so sweet at a summer wedding spinning in the sun wearing the flowy twirl dress. The bubble rompers are a huge hit for picnics at the park or visiting the zoo. This print is perfect for any outing for the summer. 


Girl's Short Sleeve Ruffled Bodysuit Dress - Janice

Janice- This sweet little print is precisely that. Sweet. Small white flowers elegantly scattered across a bold fuchsia background makes this print simply devine. From bubble rompers to peplum top bloomer sets, your child is sure to reflect the summer vibes in this precious print.


Girl's Ruffled Cap Sleeve Basic Twirl Skirt Bodysuit - Brisa

Brisa- Picture the most vibrant summer bouquet bursting with bright pink, soft purple, fuchsia, plum, light blue, and  delicate peach flowers. Brisa represents the most beautiful flower garden in June. The bright and bold flowers of this print is absolutely beautiful and sings summer with the most beautiful notes of color. This print is a must have for summer weddings, birthday parties, or just to adorn your sweet princess on a Wednesday. I personally love the boldness of this print and appreciate the different styles this is available in. From twirl skirt bodysuits to footies, this print is available in many styles that will suite your day ahead.

            Monster Trucks

Boy's Short Sleeve Basic Romper - Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks- One of the best things about summer is enjoying a waffle cone adorned with tasty ice cream on a hot summer day. This print is Posh Peanut's most playful and fun print, thus far. Monster trucks bounding over mountains of ice cream and waffle cones brings out the imagination in all kids.  Red, purple, teal, lime green, and yellow are the bold colors that emanate summer time! This print is a must have for both girls and boys.

If you are like me, and you realize the summer clothes that were put away last fall are too small for your growing child, you are most likely looking for cute and comfortable clothing that you will feel good about. Baby Riddle has many styles and sizes to suit all your needs for summer. As a Posh Peanut retailer, we take pride in offering many options for our consumers. Shop Baby Riddle for all your bamboo desires.