Game Day Bamboo Pajamas For The Win!

Posted by Jen Hulet on 28th Oct 2022

Are you a sports fan? I have never been a big sports fan until I had children of my own. Having five children means many weekends watching their sporting events. For over ten years, our family has attended soccer games, basketball games, cross country meets, swim meets, baseball games, and football games. I will say that watching my children play a sport is so fulfilling and I’m always amazed at their abilities.

Until my children were interested, we never watched sporting events on television unless it was the Super Bowl or the Olympics. And let's be honest, I'd only watch the commercials and eat the good food during the Super Bowl. 

Just in the past 5 years or so, I have started watching football games on television. I’ll be the first to admit, I really have no idea what is going on, but this is the time I get to spend with my son and I thoroughly enjoy watching football with him. Lounging in the living room eating snacks and watching the game in our comfy clothes has become one of my favorite things to do with my son. I'm proud to announce, I use commercial breaks as bathroom breaks now. I guess I consider myself a football mom now!

Watching the game straight from the couch in my favorite pajamas is the best! Baby Riddle has a lot of options for both Football and Basketball cozy bamboo apparel. From family matching pajama sets to swing dresses and blankets, there are many options to meet your needs for watching the big game with your family.

The newest collection by Birdie Bean celebrates football and basketball in the best ways. With four different prints to choose from, this collection is perfect for lounging at home watching the game.

Meet Jordan, Drew, Smith, and Nate

Birdie Bean Sports

Birdie Bean created 4 prints to celebrate Football and Basketball lovers. Jordan and Drew are the two cutest basketball prints and will look absolutely adorable for both girls and boys. The two football prints are called Smith and Nate. Both football prints are so creative and colorful. 

Birdie Bean Jordan

Birdie Bean Jordan- The bright blue background makes the big orange bouncing basketballs pop. This print is so colorful and sporty. Jordan is available in pocket shortie rompers, convertible rompers, and long sleeve pajama sets.

Birdie Bean Drew

Birdie Bean Drew- This print is so playful. The funny and silly faced basketballs bouncing and swishing through basketball hoops makes this print so creative and fun. Drew is a unisex print available in toddler blankets, convertible rompers, and long sleeve pajama sets.

Birdie Bean Smith

Birdie Bean Smith- The bright football field green holds coaches' game plan strategy tactics. This print will have your kids believing they are apart of the football game plan! Smith is available in toddler blankets and long sleeve pajama sets

Birdie Bean Nate

Birdie Bean Nate- Pink pigs dressed in jerseys and football helmets running plays makes this print absolutely adorable. The phrase "toss the pig skin" takes on a whole new meaning with this print and it is so cute! Available in toddler blanketsconvertible rompers, and long sleeve pajama sets, this print will be a favorite for sure!

Whether you are a fan of basketball or football, Birdie Bean has many options for game day. Everyone wins with Birdie Bean!  This collection is so sporty and comfy cozy. Made from bamboo viscose not treated with any harsh chemicals, you will feel good knowing your little one is wearing top rated environmentally friendly pajamas that look and feel great!

After you decide on your favorite print and style, all you need is some good snacks and a lot of positive energy to cheer on your team. Check out the entire Birdie Bean sports collection now! This line is not expected to go into overtime.... they will sell out fast. 

Good luck to you and your favorite team! Go Team Go!