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How to Take Perfect Family Portraits: Outfit Ideas and Tips

How to Take Perfect Family Portraits: Outfit Ideas and Tips

Posted by Tamatha on 7th Oct 2021

With the new fall season comes an opportunity to plan your next session of family portraits. The fall foliage, crisp temperatures, and festive accessory options make Autumn the perfect time of year for new pictures. You can use nature to its full advantage and put together a picturesque backdrop that your family members can look back on for years to come. And you can’t forget about the adorable Christmas photos your family expects of your little ones each year! This is the perfect time to get those done early so you can save on card costs and won’t have to worry about mail delays.

But let’s be honest: Planning a family photo-op can be a little more complicated when young children are involved. Putting together the best family portrait outfits (and hoping they stay clean throughout the photoshoot) may seem impossible, but it’s totally achievable with proper planning.

Here are some family portrait outfit ideas and tips for helping the whole family look their best on the day of the photoshoot.

Family Portrait Outfit Ideas and Tips

1. Don’t be afraid to dress up

Whether you’re hanging the holiday family portraits in your living room or sending them out with this year’s Christmas card, the pictures will be put on display to some extent. Take advantage of the opportunity to dress up and impress your family members and friends! Get everyone dressed in their best ensemble, remind the kids to say “CHEESE!” and the camera will do the rest of the work.

2. Pick a color and wear different shades

If you’re coordinating holiday family portrait outfits, choose one color and let your family pick their clothing in different shades and variations of the main hue. Blue, burgundy, and silver work great for a Christmas feel, while olive green, brown, orange, and creme are perfect for fall photos. Of course, the littlest ones can stay in their footies. This is a great way to bring uniformity to the picture without making the entire family wear identical outfits.

3. Play with different dimensions and layers

If you want to add more dimension to the photos, use a wide variety of accessories. Jackets, sweaters, skirts, high socks and hats can work well in a fall or holiday photoshoot, based on the expected weather. If you plan to shoot outside you can bring with you a soft blanket to sit on or keep warm with. These may even turn into cute candid shots of the family snuggling together!

4. Give the kids some creative freedom in outfit selection

Your kids can express themselves with their smiles and personalities in the picture, but letting them choose some of their clothing can help them feel more comfortable and confident at the photoshoot. As you help them pick their family portrait outfits, just be aware of the weather and environment and always go for options that are durable and can hide stains if necessary.

5. Go Casual in Matching Pajamas

With staycations and living at home during COVID why not switch it up this year and go casual with fall pics or Christmas photos in your matching family pajamas? These are sure to capture your family’s cozy size. Sipping hot cocoa together under the holiday lights or in a pillow fort will be sure to make your loved ones smile.

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