Kickee Pants is the Bees Knees

Posted by Jen Hulet on 19th Aug 2022

Kickee Pants Decades Collection

Throughout past decades, unique styles, pop culture, and historical events have been celebrated, studied, and adored. From top hats to acid washed denim and corsets to platform shoes, the fashion world is ever changing and sometimes even coming back.

Kickee Pants launched their newest collection called “Decades 20’s & 40’s.” This collection is very unique and has many fun and unique prints from the 1920's & 1940's. Art Deco motifs, large fluffy featherspinstripes, pencil mustacheslace, and the infamous model T and more are all celebrated in this collection. Of all the past collections that Kickee Pants has released, this one is the most unique.

Natural Feathers Swing DressNatural Feathers

Natural Feathers

NATURAL FEATHERS- This print is beautiful. The desert rose colored feathers have so much definition and whimsy. This is one of the most popular prints in this collection. This print is available in footies, coveralls, pajama sets, dresses, women's pajama sets, underwear, crib sheets, and blankets.

 Pine Mustache

Pine Mustache

PINE MUSTACHE- Whether you are a fan of the pencil mustache or the "Charlie Chaplin" mustache, you will adore this playful print.  This cute print is available in footies, coveralls, pajama sets, underwear, blankets, and crib sheets. We love the pine background and the glass and glacier mustaches. 

Burlap Vintage Cars

Burlap Vintage Cars

BURLAP VINTAGE CARS- This is the most popular print in this collection and we understand why. This print is versatile and fun. We love all the classic old cars that made the 20's & 40's memorable. Check out both Vintage Cars prints!

Kickee Pants Decades 20's & 40's is so much fun and very creative. There are so many more prints in this line and you must check them all out. Here at Baby Riddle, the crew had a lot of fun unboxing each print in this collection. We are certain that there is something for everyone.