School Starts & Fall Bamboo Clothing

Posted by Jen Hulet on 5th Aug 2022

School is starting, summer is slowing down, and its time to start planning for a new school year and restock the wardrobes to accommodate the upcoming seasons. 

It’s already August? This summer went by way too fast for our family. My oldest daughter, Emma is headed to her first year of college! It seems like yesterday, I was buying glue sticks, Kleenex boxes, and a Dora The Explorer backpack for her first day of Kindergarten. Where did the time go?  

This summer, our “couch conversations” have consisted of what she will need to pack for college, what to purchase, and how she’ll decorate her dorm room. There is a lot to plan for! 

One of the things we’ve been planning for is how much seasonal clothing she will need to pack. I think we have planned & packed accordingly and she’ll have everything she needs for fall, winter, and spring apparel. Now, we need to figure how we’ll get it to fit in her small dorm room.

As we began packing up her seasonal clothing, I had to take my mind off the fact that my baby is headed to college and think about other things…. like fall bamboo baby clothes. As we packed her sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and jeans, I reminisced about the fall clothing I purchased when shopping for her Kindergarten year. All the newest fall lines arriving into our warehouse has me thinking back to the days I got to choose my daughter’s clothing. It was so fun to approach the new school year with a new wardrobe for her… and of course I would throw in a few things for myself too. ❤

Here at Baby Riddle, we've been preparing for all things Fall! Birdie Bean & Posh Peanut just released the cutest new collections that celebrate fall in the best ways. From hedgehogs to Fall foliage, and mummies to ghosts, we have all the cutest prints and styles that will have you craving a pumpkin spice latte.

Posh Peanut released 4 fall prints that celebrate beautiful fall leaves (Autumn), warm floral and white pumpkin arrangements (Liliana), freshly harvested mushrooms (Alba), and cute hedgehogs & foxes dancing in fall foliage (Woodland). Each of these prints come in many styles from pajamas to swing dresses, rompers to women’s pajamas.


                                        Peplum Top & Legging Outfit Set - Autumn                       Ruffled Bodysuit Dress - Liliana

                                                                      Footie with Zipper - Alba             Long Sleeve Pajama Set - Woodland


Birdie Bean is ahead of the game and has released 2 of their Halloween collections. Their newest collection is bright and spooky. Bates (mummies)Evie (girly ghosts) are both so much fun and colorful. We are especially excited about “Bates.” This is the first print that Birdie Bean dropped that is glow-in-the-dark! These prints will make the best outfits for your child’s school Halloween party and the coziest pajamas after an evening of trick-or-treating.   


                               Convertible Footie Romper - Bates Glow-in-the-Dark              Girl's Ruffle Convertible Footie Romper - Evie 


There is a lot to prepare to make sure your kids have all the supplies they need for school and school clothes they need to accommodate the changes in season. Baby Riddle has many options to choose from when shopping for daywear, pajamas, and adult wear. Be sure to check all of our buttery soft bamboo collections.

Oh, I encourage you to take in all these short lived moments of school shopping with your kiddos Before you know it, you’ll be preparing your child for their next adventure to adulthood. Here's to another school year!