The Buzzzzzzzz about Posh Peanut

Posted by Jen Hulet on 3rd Mar 2023

Everyone at Baby Riddle is getting so excited about spring and the reason has everything to do with Posh Peanut’s newest collection.

Posh Peanut’s newest collection showcases bees and fairy forest animals dancing among wild berries. Posh Peanut’s Annabelle and Spring Bee are the two newest collections to arrive at our warehouse and they are both buzz worthy.

Meet Annabelle

Posh Peanut Annabelle- This imaginative print features animals dressed as adorable forest fairies dancing with wild berries. This print is available in bodysuit dresses, footies, pajamas, bubble rompers, and more!

Meet Spring Bee

Posh Peanut Meet Spring Bee- The light blue background creates the look of a beautiful spring sky. Bumble Bees buzz about on this charming print. This buzz worthy print is available in convertible rompers, pajamas, footies and more.

Our Spring collection is limited edition, so shop now before it’s all gone! Shipping has already begun, so browse our collection now to find the perfect spring outfit today and get into the swing of spring with Posh Peanut.