The Fabulous Fifties

Posted by Jen Hulet on 27th Feb 2023

Looking back to all the past decades of trends and fashion statements, the nineteen fifties seemed to pave the way for all the decades to come. From soda fountains to sock hops, there were a lot of iconic themes that made the nineteen fifties.

Last year, in 2022, Kickee Pants started reliving some of the iconic themes that marked each time period beginning with the 1920’s & 1940’s. Their newest collection blasts back to the 50’s when kids danced the jitterbug and cool cats cruised down Main street in their hot rods. So grab your poodle skirt and soda pop and let’s rock around the clock with Kickee Pants Decades: 1950’s!

Summer Sky Cheeseburger

summer sky cheeseburger

Summer Sky Cheeseburger- The bright blue color of summer sky holds the delicious cheeseburgers, french fries, and milkshakes. This print will take you back to the 1950’s at the local soda fountain. Super cute print that is available in many styles.

Sock Hop Stripe

Sock Hop Stripe

Kickee Pants Sock Hop Stripe- The flamingo, Cotton Candy, and Pistachio horizontal stripes on the print are bright, cheery, and energetic. This print will have you jitterbugging the night away!

Summer Sky Hot Rod

Kickee Pants Summer Sky Hot Rod- Get your motor runnin’ with this print! This print is sure to be loved by many. Available in many styles and sizes. Grab yours while they are hot!

Forget Me Not & Glacier Cool Cats


Kickee Pants Cool Cats- The royal purple of “forget me not” and the gemstone color of glacier are the perfect two colors for any cool cat. This fun print is available in both Forget me not (purple) and Glacier (turquoise)

Natural Soda Pop

Kickee Pants Natural Soda Pop- Bottles of soda pop and colorful soda pop caps celebrate the time spent with friends hanging out by the jukebox. 

Kickee Pants Decades 1950's is bright, playful, and very creative. There is something for everyone. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for a gift, we suggest you "beat feet" to Baby Riddle and "claim dibs" on your favorites. this collection is sure to razz your berries.