What Are The Summer Fashion Trends For Babies & Kids In 2022?

Posted by Jen Hulet on 19th May 2022

As each season comes and goes, magazine racks at grocery stores and Pinterest boards light up with the latest and greatest trends for the upcoming season.

Over the past few years, consumers have become more aware and conscientious of brands that are more environmentally friendly, that provide comfort, style, and keep babies' and kids’ skin protected from harsh chemicals and dyes. In the past, it was difficult to find such products that were also trendy, cute and creative. 

As a Posh Peanut retailer, we choose to provide diversity in designs and styles that are offered at their boutiques. Because of the demand for environmentally friendly and safer clothing, Posh Peanut retailers feel good about this brand only producing pesticide free clothing that suit parent’s desires for safer, softer, and more trendy clothes for their children.

With summer right around the corner, it is so important to stock up on clothing that is cool, comfortable, safe from pesticides, and environmentally friendly. By shopping with Baby Riddle, you will feel at peace when you clothe your child with the healthiest of materials that will also feature the latest trends for the summer of 2022. I’d say that is a win! win!

This summer’s hot trends feature beautiful, bright colors that will highlight moments at the beach, the park, or warm strolls through the neighborhood. Look for sea life, bold beachy prints, and tropical flowers. The trends of summer 2022 are sure to appease all the sun chasers alike.

Posh Peanut Totally tie Dye

Totally Tie Dye

Posh Peanut’s newest print, which is only available through select retailers“Posh Peanut Totally Tie Dye,” showcases the brightest kaleidoscope of colors. Totally Tie Dye is sure to make a statement while providing that pop of color to bring a smile to all. This trendy print is unisex and is available in tank rompers, bubble rompers, dresses, footies, hooded towels, headbands, and more. And of course Posh Peanut remembered to throw in a pajama set for mom to match!

 Posh Peanut Wave


Whether you live by the beach or next to a hay field in Nebraska, The “Posh Peanut Wave” will have you blasting The Beach Boys and soaking in the sun. The collage of boldly colored surfboards encased in cool ocean waves is sure to brighten your summer days ahead. From collared rompers, to pajama sets with shorts, this line is a must have print to have this summer. 

Posh Peanut Skipper


Sea life was named one of the hot trends for 2022 summer fashion.  “Posh Peanut Skipper features Frolicking dolphins swimming through hoops and splashing in a cool blue ocean water background will look adorable on every child. Skipper is a unisex line that showcases the playful and friendliness of dolphins. This particular print perfectly depicts the beauty of sea life while also providing comfort and pesticide free clothing for children. Skipper is an excellent option for boys and girls to match while vacationing on a cruise or visiting the beach. Bubble rompers, pajama sets, short sleeve rompers, hooded towels, and footies are all available at Baby Riddle.

Posh Peanut Malana


Tropical flowers have always been a fashion trend to show off during the hot summer months. This summer, consumers will see many options of this trend. Posh Peanut did not disappoint by offering the line “Posh Peanut Malana." This beautiful tropical floral print is bright, beautiful, with pops of the brightest fuchsia, lemon yellow, and bold green. Nothing says “umbrella drinks, cool ocean breezes, and sandy toes” like this line. This line is perfect to add to your vacation wardrobe or for your backyard barbeques. Baby Riddle carries various styles and sizes for both children and women in Malana.

As Spring comes to a close and the longer summer days begin to make its warm appearance, rest easy knowing that Baby Riddle offers earth friendly, safe, comfortably soft, and extremely trendy summer lines that are sure to bring joy to you and your children. We have all the diverse styles and sizes. Rest easy knowing that Baby Riddle offers only the safest, most comfortable, and latest trend worthy options for all ages.