What Helps Morning Sickness? 5 Uncommon Treatment Methods For Pregnant Women

Posted by Tamatha on 16th Jul 2013

Pregnant woman experiencing morning sickness

What Helps Morning Sickness? 5 Coping Mechanisms

Morning sickness. When will it end?

If you are expecting, and one of the millions of pregnant women who have experienced morning sickness, then you know that you'd try just about anything (that's safe and effective) to get rid of nausea that simply won't go away.

What Causes Pregnancy Morning Sickness?

The sole cause of morning sickness is unknown, but it likely has to do with changing hormone and blood sugar levels. Added stress, food sensitivity, and lack of sleep during pregnancy can also be to blame for waking up with an upset stomach.

How Long Does Morning Sickness Last?

When does morning sickness start and how long does it last? This can vary from one mom to the next. Typically, morning sickness begins around the six-week mark and ends by 12 to 14 weeks, or at the start of the second trimester. So don’t worry - you won’t feel sick for the entirety of your pregnancy!

What Are The Best Remedies for Morning Sickness?

If you've tried the other morning sickness cures and have had lackluster results, or are tired of drinking ginger ale and carbonated water, then you might want to give one of these uncommon methods to combat morning sickness during pregnancy a shot.

Here’s what helps with morning sickness:

1. Acupressure or Acupuncture

Believe it or not, there are several points on your body that, when pushed just so or when an acupuncture needle is placed into them, have the ability to calm your queasiness. There are also acupressure bands that you can buy at most drug stores that have almost the same effect if you aren't keen on the idea of going to a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

2. Get Your Lemon or Peppermint Fix

Whether it be smelling lemons, sucking on a lemon candy, or putting a slice of lemon in your mouth and sucking on it for a bit, lemon is a great, all natural stomach settler. Just be careful not to suck too many luscious lemon wedges, as they have been known to damage the enamel on your teeth if exposed to them often or for long periods of time.

Peppermint is another essential scent that helps alleviate nausea and settles your stomach. Try this blend of essential oils for nausea made by deSensua. Its calming properties of ginger, lavender, peppermint & spearmint help with morning sickness with a calming mind. It also helps soothe indigestion and motion sickness to give the whole family a sense of calm.

3. Go At a Snail’s Pace

Don't rush out of bed in the morning and take your time whenever possible. The drop in blood pressure that your body undergoes when you stand up from sitting or lying down can cause nausea or dizziness. So, go at a slow and steady pace after being stationary for a while.

4. The Lollipop Cure

There are lollipops that are made specifically for pregnant women, but any lollipop or hard candy will work to alleviate that morning sickness. Peppermint and ginger flavors are good options, if you can find them, as well as lime. They are especially great because they last a long time and they are small - meaning you can always have a few in your pocket, just in case.

5. Eat More Salt

Pregnant women produce a whole lot more saliva than those that aren't, and eating salty foods will help to absorb some of this excess moisture that is setting off your gag reflex. Have some saltine crackers always at the ready or any other salty snack that you might be craving. Remember though, salt should be eaten in moderation, as it will increase your sodium levels and has the possibility of increasing your blood pressure.

The Best Remedies For Morning Sickness

With the best remedies for morning sickness at your disposal, you can get back to enjoying your pregnancy and resting before your little one arrives. Take deep breaths, remember to take your prenatal vitamins - and indulge in some self-care when you are feeling rough. You deserve it.

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