Kickee Pants Paleontolgy Pre-Order (Second Delivery) Closes March 26, Order Soon!

Kickee Pants Paleontology (Pre-Order)

We are excited to announce that Kickee Pants Fall 1 2019 Paleontology collection is open for pre-ordering! Get all of your favorite pieces so you don't miss out on this "roaring" collection.  This first collection is PALEONTOLOGY, which focuses on the study of fossil animals and plants. From the Cambrian to the Paleocene time you will enjoy many amazing species found in the fossil records. Are you ready to explore? Your pre-historic imagination will come to life with Giant Dragonfly's, Sauropods, Dino Tracks, T-Rex Dig, Kosmocertops, Diictodon, Petrified Wood, Shell Fossils and so much more! 

Terms of Pre-Order:
  • Pre-Order closes March 26, 2019 for Second Delivery
  • Use code DINO50DOWN  for 50% down payment or DINO35DOWN for a 35% down payment. You will be billed for the second half one week prior to shipping. All Pre-Order sales and down payments are final and non-refundable.
  • Items arrive at Baby Riddle within the delivery window of July 15 - August 15, 2019 (Second Delivery) dependent if there are no minor delays from the manufacturer.
  • Please make sure you order Pre-Order items separately from items in stock to avoid delivery delays. You can also contact us to ship in stock items early for an additional $1.99 shipping.
  • No images available per Kickee Pants policy for Pre-Orders.

Getting your items to you quickly is what we love to do. Your satisfaction is our main concern. Thank you for being our customer!