If you live somewhere that’s cold, or if your baby gets cold easily, you want to protect those adorable little fingers from the ice and snow, or even just the cold itself. Our mittens will ensure that your baby’s hands stay toasty. They’re also great for babies that have the tendency to scratch themselves or others frequently. If you’re a new parent you have probably also discovered how sharp those little nails can be sometimes. With these mittens you can rest easy knowing that their hands and skin are safe. They come with a simple draw tie and a combination of fifty percent cotton, fifty percent soy fiber, so they’re silky soft and easy on your child’s skin. Easily washed, they are perfect for those times when you have to strap your baby into the carseat and drive, but can’t keep an eye on them for every second while driving. With a pair of mittens, you know they will be less likely to put those tiny fingers somewhere where they could hurt themselves.