Tops & Tees

Show off your little one’s unique personality with a shirt to match their smile. If you’re planning on leaving the house or maybe just taking pictures of your little one, some sort of top is a must. At Baby Riddle, we carry popular brands such as Andy and Evan, Angel Dear, KicKee Pants, and of course our Baby Riddle garments. If you have been searching for the perfect cute shirt or sweater so that you can take pictures to celebrate the newest member of your family, we carry a large variety of styles, colors, and prints that are sure to make you and your baby smile.

Each of our tops is made from high-quality, durable natural fibers. Our garments are strong and easy to wash, but breathable and soft for your baby’s sensitive skin. They are lightweight and easy to throw into a diaper bag or carry on, so you can have a change of clothes ready for your little one as soon as you need one. We carry a selection of clothes for children from preemies to 24 months, so you know that you can continue to dress your child in style as they grow before your eyes. With unisex, boys’, and girls’ outfits to choose from, it will be a snap to make sure they’re dressed up to meet family, friends, and loved ones - or for any occasion where you want them to be dressed to impress. Check out our selection today, and you’ll be glad you did.