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18 Matching Family Pajama Sets You’ll Love This Christmas Season

18 Matching Family Pajama Sets You’ll Love This Christmas Season

Posted by Tamatha on 6th Oct 2021

We can’t wait until the most wonderful time of the year! If you’re looking to add some holiday magic into your life this year, festive matching clothes are the way to do it.

With Christmas coming up soon, here are some of our favorite family holiday matching pajamas from Kickee Pants Pajamas. And, if pajamas aren’t your style, the Winter Celebrations 2021 collection also includes kid’s daywear, pet bandannas, baby blankets, and more!

Kickee Pants Bay Gingerbread Pajama Set

Kickee Pants Graphic Tee Pajama Set in Bay Gingerbread

Bay Gingerbread

The Bay Gingerbread collection features gingerbread houses on a beautiful blue background. The bamboo fabric is soft and cozy, perfect for frosty Christmas nights. Decorating gingerbread houses together as a family won’t be complete without a matching set of pajamas or kid’s dresses, and these are the perfect ones for the job!

Kickee Pants Bay Penguins Zipper Footie

Bay Penguins

Penguins might love the cold and snow, but matching family pajamas are perfect for anyone who likes to stay cozy! These Blue Penguins pajamas will be perfect for keeping you and your family toasty warm. Made of bamboo, they are buttery-soft, and the penguin pattern is sure to be a family favorite!


Kickee Pants Christmas Floral Swing Dress

Christmas Floral

If you’re going for the classic red and green color palette, these will be perfect for your family matching pajamas! With red poinsettia flowers, holly berries, and pinecones on a white background, the Christmas Floral pattern is a beautiful choice. These warm and cozy PJs will look amazing in your holiday family photos.

Kickee Pants Crimson Penguins Pajama Set

Crimson Penguins

With silly penguins dancing on a bright red background, the Crimson Penguin sets are perfect for the whole family. You’ll instantly get into the holiday spirit as you hang ornaments on your Christmas tree, open presents, bake cookies, and sing Christmas carols in these memorable selections. Choose from day dresses, underwear and boxers sets, pajamas, and even dog bandanas!

Kickee Pants Ice Multi-Stripe Kimono Pajama Set

Ice Multi-Stripe

Make winter memories in the Ice Multi-Stripe collection! These warm and cozy pajamas have stripes of blue, aqua, cream, and green for a crowd-pleasing color combination. Bundle your whole family up in these bamboo Christmas pajamas and blankets for an unforgettable holiday photo.

Kickee Pants Iceberg Icicles Sherpa-Lined Throw Blanket

Iceberg Icicles

These bamboo Christmas pajamas are going to be your new holiday staple. The soft, comfy fabric is perfect for relaxing during the day or cozying up with your family at night. The fun blue and white icicle print will keep you in good spirits, no matter what your family is doing together!

Kickee Pants Graphic Tee Pajama Set in Iceberg Menorahsaurus

Iceberg Menorahsaurus

A matching family set of Hanukkah pajamas is the perfect way to celebrate! This fun print has adorable blue dinosaurs on a lighter blue background. But they’re not just regular dinos – they’re Menorahsaurus! These Hannukah PJs are sure to be your family’s new favorite this holiday season.

Kickee Pants Midnight Holiday Plaid Pajama Set

Midnight Holiday Plaid

Plaid is a winter classic, which makes this set perfect for any holiday celebration. These grey, white, and red plaid pajamas are great for cozying up together on Christmas Eve or excitedly waking up on Christmas morning. Get ready to celebrate the holiday season this year in Midnight Holiday Plaid!

Kickee Pants Midnight Tiny Snowflakes Kimono Pajama Set

Midnight Tiny Snowflakes

Christmastime is perfect for spending snowy days indoors with friends and family. These cozy black pajamas have a classic white snowflake print. Nothing brings your family closer together than watching snowflakes fall while in comfy matching holiday pajamas.

Kickee Pants Mountain View Reindeer Women's Jumpsuit

Mountain View Reindeer

These dark green reindeer print pajamas are perfect for telling stories and waiting for Santa. This set also comes in jumpsuits, nursing gowns, and more, and it’s a great reminder that Santa is coming soon! Put your family to bed on Christmas Eve dreaming of the magical day to come in the classic Mountain View Reindeer print.

Kickee Pants Chairlift Zipper Coverall

Natural Chairlift

The adorable Natural Chairlift collection is reminiscent of happy winter activities. With a ski slope design featuring a snowy scene filled with pine trees and chairlifts, this pattern will take you back to the feeling of flying down the mountain! These PJs will look adorable on the whole family, even the ones who are too little to hit the slopes.

Kickee Pants Pewter Christmas Tree Drag Sherpa-Lined Throw Blanket

Pewter Christmas Tree Drag

Decorate your Christmas tree together (but don’t let the dog drag it away) in this funny pajama print that’s sure to be your kid’s favorite. The Pewter Christmas Tree Drag collection features a fun pattern of a mischievous dog tugging on a Christmas tree. The silly design will keep everyone in good spirits this Christmas!

Kickee Pants Santa Dinos Pajama Set

Santa Dinos

This Christmas print combines the classic Santa Claus hat with a kid favorite: dinosaurs! Blue and aqua triceratops, T. rex, and longneck dinos dance on a dark green background, wearing Santa hats and mistletoe to deck the halls. Wear these crowd-pleasing matching PJs to make this year’s family holiday photos more exciting!

Kickee Pants Snowball Multi-Stripe Twirl Dress

Snowball Multi-Stripe

The colorful Snowball Multi-Stripe pattern includes pink, red, blue, and white stripes on cozy, soft bamboo fabric. They’re a crowd pleaser for anyone who loves pink. Stay comfy while you wait for Santa to come in these adorable striped pajamas!

Kickee Pants Strawberry Candy Cane Stripe Footie

Strawberry Candy Cane Stripe

It doesn’t get any more classic than this. The matching red and white pattern is great for celebrating all your favorite holiday activities or creating brand-new family traditions. You’ll have the most memorable holiday season yet with Strawberry Candy Cane Stripe dresses, blankets, pajamas, and other fun selections!

Kickee Pants Strawberry Baby Berries Zipper Footie

Strawberry Baby Berries

The Strawberry Baby Berries pattern is sure to be your little one’s new favorite! The adorable, delicate berry print on a strawberry-pink background is simple, sweet and perfect for the Christmas season. It’s available in girls and infants sizes and coordinates beautifully with the other prints in this collection!

Kickee Pants Strawberry Icicles Swaddling Blanket

Strawberry Icicles

After your family’s snowball fights or other winter wonderland activities, you can warm up together in the cutest matching icicle print pink and blue holiday pajamas! You’ll have fun together while staying cozy and comfortable in these frosty-patterned pajamas that you can enjoy all winter long.

Kickee Pants Twilight Skis Adult Fleece Jumpsuit 

Twilight Skis

This classic print is a wonderful reminder of holiday fun. The blue, red, and white ski pattern makes the Twilight Skis PJs perfect for warming up after any fun winter day. A set of family holiday matching pajamas is the perfect way to keep everyone warm this holiday season, whether you’re on or off the slopes!

Stay Warm and Cozy this Christmas

Whether for the perfect Christmas morning or an unforgettable family holiday picture, you can start planning your best holiday yet by browsing Kickee Pants clothing for babies, kids, and adults!