How to Wash Baby Clothes

Posted by Tamatha on 27th Dec 2021

Baby girl clothes hanging on a line

How to Wash Baby Clothes

From trousers and blouses to jumpers and dresses, there are dozens of cute ensembles for your little ones to wear. Making sure you know how to take care of each piece of clothing is essential to their longevity and overall appearance. Washing baby clothes isn’t difficult, but it takes tender care and attention to detail to ensure you’re treating them just right. Without the right protocol, your baby clothing won’t last nearly as long as it should.

Are you learning how to wash baby clothes for the first time? Are you interested in taking care of the laundry for a new mom? No matter the circumstances, we’ve got you covered.

Have no fear — here are our simple tips for washing baby clothes with ease:

1. Be mindful of detergent type

Understanding your baby’s skin will play a major role in the type of detergent you use. While most babies will be just fine if their clothing is washed with regular family detergent, others with sensitive skin will benefit widely from something diluted and less harsh.

2. Always read the label for washing instructions

Each piece of baby clothing may require specific washing instructions. If you’re wondering how to wash baby clothes without shrinking them, reading the instructions on the label is your best move forward.

3. Wash baby clothes separately from your clothing

When washing baby clothes, they should be paired with similar fabrics to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Should you wash baby clothes separately from your own shirts, pants, and ensembles? Yes. Keeping you and your family’s loads of laundry separate from the baby’s laundry can save you time and effort in the long run.

4. Use a mesh laundry bag for small items

Baby shirts and onesies are small (and adorable!) on their own but think about the gloves, socks, and other tiny accessories that will undoubtedly get lost in the abyss at one point or another. Instead of constantly worrying about losing one sock out of the pair, place these items in a mesh laundry bag. That way, by the end of the wash and dry cycle, you’ll still have everything in one place.

5. Invest in stain removers

The amount of stains you’ll come face to face with over the course of your baby’s young years is difficult to imagine, but you can plan for the messes in advance. Carry around a stain stick to avoid letting anything sit on his or her clothes for too long, and invest in a stain remover spray to use on clothing before it goes into the washing machine. This will make washing baby clothes a breeze.

Worried about washing baby clothes? Purchasing high-quality products are the best way to ensure their longevity during the cleaning cycle. Baby Riddle has an abundance of cute neutral baby clothes to choose from, all made with high-quality fabric that provides peace of mind for mom and dad.

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