The Joys of Christmas

Posted by Jen Hulet on 7th Oct 2022

The anticipation and excitement that pulses in the hearts of little ones on Christmas Eve is something that could move mountains. Thinking back to my childhood, I still remember those Christmas Eves where it was nearly impossible to fall asleep dreaming about what I was going to wake up to under the Christmas tree. As I’ve grown and have children of my own, I still get so excited for Christmas, but it is for different reasons. The excitement I have for my kids is the same joy, but the excitement is specifically for them.

One of the exciting things I love about Christmas time is gifting my kids Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. Each year, our kids get to open up one gift on Christmas Eve and they know it will be festive pajamas. We love this tradition as it builds excitement of Christmas morning and it appeases their desire to open presents. It's a win win! As the kids get dressed in their new festive wear, I make popcorn and hot cocoa and we all meet back to watch Christmas movies. Our family absolutely loves this time of connection and bonding.

Baby Riddle has many options for the perfect Christmas pajamas for kids of all sizes. Baby Riddle carries Posh Peanut’s new Holiday Collection that ranges from size Newborn to Adult sizes. This collection features Yeti’s riding snowboards, Beautiful Ice skaters twirling under big snowflakes, cozy and warm blue plaid, and a frosty, cool winter floral. This newest line is so festive.

Birdie Bean is another very popular brand among bamboo enthusiasts and their newest Holiday collection will have you in the Christmas spirit in no time. As a Birdie Bean retailer, Baby Riddle carries this brand new line to appease all the Christmas memories of baking, falling snow, Christmas trees, and reindeer.

Posh Peanut Yeti

Posh Peanut Yeti-This winter print showcases a cool Yeti snowboarding through a thick blizzard. The dark blue backing with pops of big white snowflakes is so creative and can be worn throughout the entire winter months.

Birdie Bean Noel

Birdie Bean Noel- This print is wrapped in red and white candy cane stripes covered with warm cookies and ice cold bottles of milk. This print is available in pajamas and convertible rompers.

Posh Peanut Adalyn

Posh Peanut Adalyn- Dainty ice skaters spinning through gold, shiny snowflakes with their flowing colorful skirts twirling with every whirl makes this print a perfect option for every little girl. This wintery print can be enjoyed throughout the winter season.

Birdie Bean North

Birdie Bean North- Adorable polar bears wearing aprons, carrying Christmas gifts, and some tangled up in Christmas lights makes this print so playful. Available in pajamas and convertible rompers. This is the perfect cozy print for Christmas movie night.

Posh Peanut Joseph

Posh Peanut Joseph- This warm blue, khaki, and cream colored plaid would make the coziest print to wear while watching movies and sipping on a warm cup of cocoa. This versatile plaid is perfect for the cold days ahead.

Birdie Bean Clark

Birdie Bean Clark- The collage of all things Christmas collide in this adorable print. Ruby red nosed reindeer, an assortment of decorated Christmas trees, and bright stars showcase the Christmas spirit. The adorable red ribbon that is perfectly placed on the Birdie twirl skirt is so cute! This print is available in the Birdie twirl skirt, pajamas, and convertible rompers.

Posh Peanut Frostine

Posh Peanut Frostine- Frosty blue background envelopes crisp white, peach and shades of blue winter foliage. This print symbolizes the clean crisp Winter mornings but will keep you cozy and warm with its soft bamboo fibers.

Baby Riddle has a huge assortment available from Posh Peanut and Birdie Bean. Regardless of how you’ll celebrate your family winter holidays, Baby Riddle can help you find the perfect Christmas pajamas that will create lasting memories for years to come.