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A Field Trip To The Farm: Why Every Kid Should Visit a Farm

Every year, my kids always looked forward to the field trips that their class would attend. In our small town, school kids are invited to a local farm for a day. This field tripe gives the kids an opportunity to experience what a typical day of a farmer looks like. This field trip is an excellent way for kids to learn where their food comes from, how to care for animals, and learn about the responsibilities that are required to run a sustainable farm. This day trip has always made the biggest impression on the children. It's the field trip every kid can't wait to participate in.

Even if you live in the biggest city, miles away from a farm, your child has probably seen and heard about farm animals. From children’s stories like “The Little Red Hen” to singing “Ol’ Macdonald Had a Farm” parents have been teaching their children about farms and farm animals for many many years. Children seem to love all the farm animals.

Here at Baby Riddle, we offer bamboo clothing that celebrates the favorite things of little ones. From cars and trucks, to baby dolls and unicorns, we offer as many options for all kids to have clothing that represents their personality. Our latest collection that we have in our warehouse is from Posh Peanut. This collection includes five “farm life” prints. From the red gingham print on a farmhouse table cloth, to a large tractor moving hay, this entire collection celebrates farming in the very best of ways. 

Meet Posh Peanut's Roberts, Maya Lynn, Joshua, Polly, & Nashville


This Posh Peanut collection is a limited edition, so shop now before it’s all gone! Shipping has already begun, so browse our collection now to find the perfect gift or springtime pajama.

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