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Foster Your Child’s Imagination and Learning With New Posh Peanut

Posh Peanut is renowned for its signature silky soft bamboo fabrics and gorgeous printed designs that are perfect for young babies, older kids, and adults. As creators of high-quality bamboo clothes, Posh Peanut’s unique collection is sure to have something for you!

The newest Posh Peanut line is inspired by the imagination and creativity kids crave and express themselves by. Their newest line includes 4 clever prints that are sure to ignite your child’s imagination and keep them exploring, learning, and dreaming. Millie, Estelle, To The Stars, and Alphabet Medley are the newest lines to drop and all four prints are so fun!


POSH PEANUT Girl's Short Sleeve Henley Twirl Dress - Millie

Girl's Short Sleeve Henley Twirl Dress - Millie

Millie- This simple daisy print with delicate beauty is playful and represents a cheerful and carefree spirit. Large Soft pink, baby blue, and vanilla ice cream colored petals envelope a blush backdrop making this the perfect summer print for little girls.


POSH PEANUT Girl's Short Sleeve Ruffled Bodysuit Dress - Estelle

Girl's Short Sleeve Ruffled Bodysuit Dress - Estelle

Estelle- Pops of assorted bright colored polka dots adorn a strawberry cream background. Like rainbow sprinkles on a cupcake, this print is sure to bring out the sweetness of summer.

To The Stars

POSH PEANUT Long Sleeve Basic Romper - To The Stars

Long Sleeve Basic Romper - To The Stars

To The Stars- Foster the imagination and creativity with planets, shooting stars, moons, and galaxies. “To The Stars” will spark the curiosity of all kids. The jade colored background hosts yellow, deep blue, white and gold moons, planets, stars and constellations.

Alphabet Medley

Footie with Zipper - Alphabet Medley

Footie with Zipper - Alphabet Medley

Alphabet Medley-The alphabet is and will always be one of the first things children learn. From songs to rhymes, the alphabet is a big milestone to conquer. “Alphabet Medley'' is modern, unique, and artistic. The colors of Sienna, mustard, deep blue and cream artistically designed letters, this print celebrates the alphabet in a very clever way. The curvature of the letters and bohemian adornments make this print unique and nothing like any other.

This limited edition Posh Peanut line celebrates the imagination and uniqueness in all children. Fostering their creativity and ongoing curiosity is important and necessary. Check out Baby Riddle’s large selection of the newest Posh Peanut line. We are always excited to share new prints, especially ones that will enhance your child’s love of learning. 

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