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Guilty Pregnancy Feelings: How to Deal With Pregnancy Emotions

By tamatha | Added Dec 12, 2011

Emotions during pregnancy tend to be all over the place. They can range from hating the feeling of being pregnant, to not knowing how to feel about it. And some days, you might even cherish your pregnancy more than anything. Everyone feels differently while carrying a baby, and emotions during pregnancy are allowed to change. 

How to Deal With Pregnancy Emotions

As I get older, I realize that guilty pregnancy feelings are very common, but we need to give ourselves a break and remove the guilt from our lives. We all have things we enjoy and things we don’t enjoy. If you don’t like pregnancy, don’t feel guilty. There are many women out there feeling exactly the same way.

Pregnancy can be hard, and our bodies all react differently. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking “wow, this is not my body” and feeling completely removed from myself. But that doesn’t mean I’m not a good mother.

If a pregnant woman says that she does not like pregnancy, it has nothing to do with loving her baby. The statement just means that she is uncomfortable and would prefer to skip the uncomfortable part of pregnancy. This is similar to saying, “I love a clean house, but do not enjoy the housework.”

As a mother, the most important thing to remember is to give yourself (and other mothers) a break. Embrace that we are all made differently and please stop living with guilty pregnancy feelings.. You are created uniquely beautiful and have strengths that others do not have. Predict your baby's eye color instantly by simply selecting mom's and dad's eye colors, and get your customized chart with our baby eye color calculator.

To better combat emotions during pregnancy, reduce outside stressors and make time for the things that make you feel good. Remember: The secret to a happy baby is a happy mom.

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