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Kickee Pants Decades: 1980's is Totally Tubular!

The 1980’s was a decade of bold fashion choices, from neon colors to oversized shoulder pads. And now, this retro style is making a comeback in Kickee Pants’ 1980’s collection. Parents looking for stylish and comfortable clothing for their little ones will love the soft and breathable bamboo fabric, which is also eco-friendly and sustainable. But what sets these clothes apart is the added touch of retro images, like boomboxes, cassette tapes, and happy teddy bears. 

Check out the prints for Kickee Pants' 1980's 

                       Cerulean Blue Palm Tree Sun          Rainbow Hearts

                       Confetti Skateboards                       Lotus Sprinkles

                       Confetti Sunglasses                         Lotus Happy Teddy

                       Confetti Boombox                           Calypso Orange Cream

                       Midnight Hawaiian Print                  Summer Sky Mini Fruits


Cerulean Blue Puzzle Cube                   Awesome Stripe

Confetti Splatter Paint                          Calypso Cheetah Print

Lotus Lightning                                    Summer Sky Mixtape

                   Natural Watches                                 Calypso Splatter Paint

                   Rad Stripe                                          Summer Sky Retro Controller


Not only will these clothes bring back memories for some, but they'll also introduce a fun and unique style to children's wardrobe. Kickee Pants' bamboo fabric has natural moisture-wicking and odor-resistant properties, these are perfect for active kids who love to play and explore. Baby Riddle has many styles and sizes in the 1980's Collection. 

So if you're looking for a new and exciting way to dress your kids, definitely check out Kickee Pants’ 1980’s collection. Not only will they look great, but they'll also feel great knowing that they're wearing a sustainable and eco-friendly material.

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