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Kickin’ it with KicKee Pants: Our Interview with Founder & CEO of KicKee Pants

Learn how KicKee Pants CEO & Founder, Aerin Nicole, set out to design kid clothes that protect, nurture, and inspire as a mother of four. Our exclusive interview covers all!

What are KicKee Pants?

If you're looking for whimsical, cozy and colorful clothing for your baby, toddler or big boy or girl, you'll have to try kid fashion favorite KicKee Pants. KicKee Pants makes both comfortable daywear designed for outdoor play, as well as pajamas and nightwear made with hypoallergenic fabric perfect for sensitive skin. KicKee Pants has multiple lines to choose from, including Tops & Tees, Dresses & Skirts, Blankets, Holiday Wear and even outerwear for the chilly months. The entire KicKee Pants brand is designed to inspire kids to be themselves and activate their natural curiosity and wonder. If you don't believe us, just ask Aerin Nicole, KicKee Pant's Founder & CEO.

How were KicKee Pants Inspired?

Aerin Nicole thought of the idea for a clothing company while on bed rest with her second son. She wanted to create whimsical and snug clothes that were mindfully designed with the same love and care for the child wearing it. KicKee Pants, named for a habit Nicole's son had of kicking, was born out of a need for parents to remember the small moments with their kids and the unique characteristics of each child. All parents should enjoy moments of joy with their child, no matter how little, and their clothes should reflect this same sentiment.

What is the KicKee Pants Spirit?

While Nicole expresses she loves to be fashion forward and pleasing to all parents, KicKee Pants are dedicated to the babies and children who wear the line. Kids should be inspired to play, dream and create. KicKee Pants is committed to creating clothing that appeals to that need. KicKee Pants are designed with care and passion so that children are protected by the durable bamboo fibers, feel safe, and look stylish while wearing them. As a mother, Nicole expressed that having children made her have an intense desire to protect them and their innocence as they grew up, calling upon a child's wild imagination. She also wanted to create a clothing line that could be shared between families of all backgrounds and locations, all while celebrating the wonderment and spirit of a child.

Why will your child love KicKee Pants?

When you're a kid, the last thing you care about are the clothes you wear. Even so, kid and baby bamboo clothing should be comfortable, durable and breathable for all adventures you share with your child. Whether it's a cute First Day of School dress intended to make your child feel their best or a Celebration Print Footie designed to keep your infant swaddled and protected all night long, KicKee Pants puts your child's hopes and dreams first.

Buy any item in the KicKee Pants line today and watch your newborn baby, toddler or big kid thrive in any environment. You'll be happy knowing they are comfortable and cute in any KicKeePants outfit. 

Kickee Pants

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