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Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Baseball has always been America's favorite pastime and now kids can show their love for the sport even while they sleep. Birdie Bean hit a home run with their new baseball collection for kids. From Baseball bats and gloves to peanuts playing a game of baseball, this collection is so much fun and arrived just in time for tryouts!

This collection comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Crafted from viscose from bamboo and spandex for a breathable, stretchable fit, these pajamas have a soft and lightweight feel that provides the perfect balance of comfort for your little one.

Not only do these pajamas check off the comfort list, but they are perfect for young baseball fans who want to express their love of baseball even when they're not at the game. All in all, these pajamas are a “real catch.”

Introducing Ruth, Brice, and Sammy

(cue applause and standing ovation)

Meet Ruth

Birdie Bean Ruth-This sporty print features baseballs, baseball bats, and baseball gloves. The necessary items needed to play a game of baseball but with the perfect amount of cuteness. This print is available in Convertible rompers, and pajama with shorts.

Meet Brice

Birdie Bean Brice- The bright blue background hosts the perfect backdrop for this adorable baseball print. Baseballs, themselves, play a fun game together, sliding into home and hitting home runs. The print is available in lovey blankets, convertible rompers, pajama sets, and more!

Meet Sammy

Birdie Bean Sammy- Hotdogs and peanuts are the traditional snacks to eat at a game. This print brings celebrates these two snacks in the sportiest of ways. the  On a bright mint background, peanuts and hotdogs play a game of baseball. This print is so cute! Available in convertible rompers and 2 piece pajama sets, this print made a home run in creativity and comfort.

Baby Riddle is a must-visit boutique for parents who want to give their kids the perfect bedtime attire. Carrying new Birdie Bean baseball collection, this boutique is a great way to combine a love of baseball with a comfortable and practical item of clothing. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your child their very own pair of baseball themed pajamas and buy your Birdie Bean apparel now! Shipping has already begun on this line so you'd better make a run for it. 

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