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Photo Outfits: What to Dress Baby in for the Photoshoot

Baby photoshoots, and newborn photography in general, offer an exciting way to make fond memories and share your little one with family and friends.

However, the photoshoot itself can be a little hectic. There’s a lot going on: outfit changes, bright lights, and undivided attention can be stressful for a newborn or toddler! To help your baby feel comfortable with the situation, it’s important to plan your newborn photo outfits mindfully in advance.

Consider these baby photography tips to better understand how to dress a newborn for an upcoming photoshoot:

Keep Things Simple

It’s easy to stress about what to dress baby in for photoshoot when you plan to put these pictures on display or pass them out to family members and friends. But don’t let the newborn photo outfits take away the fun and joy of the moment! Make it easy on yourself by choosing one or two neutral outfits for your little one. Having clothing with too bright of colors or chaotic patterns can take away from the simplicity of the photoshoot and distract the eyes from the baby.

It’s important to have clothing ready for an outfit change. Not only does this give you and your baby a chance to mix it up in the picture, but it also prepares for a potential spit-up or blowout incident!

When it comes to the baby shoes — leave them at home. Even if your baby has plans to walk all over the photoshoot set, shoes may just complicate the whole process and make your little one uncomfortable. Plus, who doesn’t love looking at a cute pair of newborn feet? This can be a sweet detail in the photos.

Make Comfort the Top Priority

Your baby doesn’t need a cute outfit to look adorable — they do all of the work naturally! This means you should choose the most comfortable outfits possible to lessen the chance of possible meltdowns. For this reason, cozy onesies make the best outfits for a photoshoot. You can also dress your child up with accessories or let the props do the talking.

Don’t Forget the Props and Accessories

Speaking of props and accessories — these two factors can make a world’s difference in your photoshoot and capture the essence of pure, innocent babies! Baby Riddle has various baby photo props that can help you set the scene and create an unforgettable photoshoot.

Not sure what to dress baby in for the photoshoot? We can help! Finding the best outfits for a photoshoot doesn’t have to be complicated and pricy. At Baby Riddle, we have a variety of newborn photo outfits to choose from to bring your vision to life. Browse our boys clothes and baby girl outfits today!

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