Kickee Pants Pajamas

Soft Pajamas for Babies, Toddlers, Big Kids and Even Adults

We know that you will love your "kicky pants pajamas"...ohhh so much fun (no pun intended!). Did you know that Kickee Pants was named after the  baby kicking action in the belly? However you spell it...kiki pants, keke pants, kick pants, kicky baby, or kic kee pants. The Kickee brand will steal your heart with these silky soft baby bamboo pajamas.

The Kickee Pants pjs line is super soft, stretchy nightwear perfect for your infant, toddler, or big kid. These jammies will have your little monkey jumping on the bed with a sweet selection of available for mom, dad and children. With a pair of matching pajamas for mom, you can have your cake and eat it too. Choose a matching set or fun patterns unique for everyone in the family. Our selection of Kickee Pants pajamas not only offer fun patterns, but the super soft, hypoallergenic bamboo fabric will have your counting sheep all night long.