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  • Keep your baby's gender a surprise and have the gender-colored clothing right at your due date.  Click to download theAuthorization Form
  • "When my husband and I decided to not find out the gender of our baby I knew a lot of greens and yellows were in our immediate forecast. "Baby Riddle" allowed for me to enjoy the excitement of not finding out the gender without the stress of having to worry about getting appropriate clothing immediately after birth. Knowing that cute, unique, high quality, gender specific clothing would arrive for my baby to show off in after delivery made the anticipation and excitement that much better!"      -Amanda M.   

Join us on the next step of your journey, being prepared for your baby.  Baby Riddle will do all the work for you and you can keep one of the best surprises a secret until your delivery.  We have made it easy for you.

Step #1 : Print and Return Your Authorization Form  

You can print the Authorization form here click this link OR after checkout you will get an Authorization form to print out.  You may order your package before or after your ultrasound appointment.  Simply fill it out, sign and date, and then send in a pre-addressed stamped envelope to Baby Riddle.

Alternatively, you can ask your healthcare provider to fax the authorization form. Take the Authorization form and envelope to your Obstetrician/Physician at your 17-28 week ultrasound appointment.  At your ultrasound appointment, let the healthcare professional know prior to the ultrasound that you would like for them to mark the gender of the baby on the form.  Ask the healthcare professional to put the form into the pre-addressed/stamped envelope or Fax to:  866-927-2523.  We will send you a confirmation email that your information has been processed

Step #2  :  Order Your Items (Baby Gender Unknown)

Find one of the great items you know your baby has to have.

Step # 3 : Sit back, relax and wait for a “surprise box” of needed baby items at your door right before your due date. No Peeking!

Enjoy your beautiful new baby.  You are a prepared mommy.