Pants & Shorts

When it’s time to dress your little ones up, you can rely on Baby Riddle’s selection of pants and shorts for babies to complete the outfit your little one deserves. We have got dozens of different selections from popular brand KicKee Pants, with colors and prints to match your own unique aesthetic and taste. A variety of choices in unisex, girls’, and boys’ styles are available for you to choose from. They’re perfect for that trip into town to see family and friends, or taking pictures of your little bundle of joy in the park some sunny afternoon, even dropping off for play dates. Elastic waistbands make it a snap to change them when you’re pressed for time, and many of our eco-friendly baby pants and shorts are machine washable.

Baby Riddle strives to provide quality clothing for your baby at affordable prices. As with all of our clothing they are made of quality fabric that is both durable and soft, easy on the sensitive skin of young babies but easy to clean and strong enough to last through all that crawling and exploring they’ll be doing while they wear them. Made with natural fibers, our pants for babies are breathable to keep your baby soft, dry, and comfy for as long as possible. This also helps prevent them binding or restricting your child’s movement or circulation, keeping them comfortable and able to learn about the world around them with their cozy, stylish pants and shorts keeping them from any scrapes or scratches.