What Are The Benefits of Bamboo Baby Clothes?

Posted by Tamatha on 22nd Jun 2021

Editors Note: This post was originally published on 18th Dec 2017

Bamboo is more than just the culinary choice for pandas – this fast-growing, incredibly renewable resource also happens to be an ideal choice for making organic fabrics. Bamboo produces soft, breathable clothing, which can be a comfort to a baby’s sensitive skin. It may also sooth the extremely fragile skin of children suffering from epidermolysis bullosa, or "butterfly children."

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Why Bamboo?

Bamboo, once a plant known mostly by the Chinese, has been gaining attention all over the world for its remarkable, environmentally-friendly characteristics. Bamboo grass is considered by some to be the most sustainable resource on the planet. Here are just a few attributes of this amazing plant:

  • Bamboo grows quickly: in fact, a stalk of bamboo can grow as much as a yard in one day, and is fully mature in about four years. It does not need to be replanted because its sophisticated root system can regenerate grasses without any assistance.
  • Bamboo plants need little to no attention, so they can grow without much maintenance, leaving them free of heavy, toxic pesticides.

Bamboo Earth Cycle

  • Bamboo plants can improve the quality of soil in which they grow. The plant develops an intricate root system is relatively little time, allowing it to hold onto moisture longer. These roots leave the soil richer and diminish its erosion.
  • Textiles made from bamboo are 100% biodegradable and do not decompose into harmful gases.
  • A bamboo plantation can absorb roughly five times more carbon dioxide than an equally-sized forest of trees. It can also produce more oxygen than its forest counterpart.
  • Bamboo plants are not genetically modified.

As the world works to reduce its carbon footprint and eliminate waste, it’s understandable that a workhorse like bamboo would take center stage in the creation and manufacturing of everyday household products.

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What Can Be Made With Bamboo?

Increasingly, bamboo has been used to produce paper goods and flooring, but its fibers are also being woven for textiles like bed linens and clothing. Bamboo fabric is used for women’s clothing because it has a lush, silky feel, but it is more affordable than actual silk. It also accepts dyes well and produces fairly wrinkle-free fabric.

Bamboo material is also a popular choice for towels and bed linens. Its anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties mean a person can stay cool and comfortable while they sleep. It also means that parents don’t have to fret as much when their kids throw their bathroom towels on the floor, because the fabric is less likely to hold onto moisture and develop a mildew smell like cotton towels can.

Baby merchandise brands like Angel Dear, Kickee Pants, Little Sleepies, Posh Peanut, Kyte Baby, Birdie Bean, and Kozi & Co. use the soft, durable material to make clothing, swaddle blankets, and other accessories. Because bamboo grows without much upkeep, the grass is a safe, non-toxic choice for organic baby clothing.

Benefits of Using Bamboo Fiber for Baby Clothing

All that talk about bamboo being easy to cultivate with its quick growth and no need for special care or attention is great. It also makes sense that it can be used to create a variety of merchandise, given that it’s such a versatile plant. But of what use is eco-friendly bamboo for babies, to be precise? And how will the use of bamboo baby clothes help you or your children? What are the advantages of opting for bamboo onesies, towels, and other baby products? Several, to be honest!

Parents are always saying they want better for their children than what they had. They strive to give their kids an ideal life, with better education, more opportunities, and a solid support system. Making the earth healthier and less toxic for them to inherit is another way parents can do right by their children.

Oftentimes, baby items can go to waste quickly: disposable diapers and plastic containers for baby formula litter landfills. Parents constantly need new clothing for their ever-growing children, often opting to buy brand-new clothes rather than shop at second-hand stores and just throw out the old stuff instead of donating it. Toys, too, generally get thrown away after kids lose interest in them. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer children products that both help keep them happy and don’t produce extra waste?

Eco-friendly baby products are all the rage today and for good reason. As the planet comes under increasing threat, the rising awareness of the toxic waste and other factors responsible for endangering it, is especially relevant. In light of the need for reducing our carbon footprint, it’s imperative to design planet-friendly products that improve the planet’s sustainability and in turn that of mankind, especially the future generation.

Almost every sector including textiles has taken heed today to the urgent need to conserve Mother Earth. Fashion stands at the forefront of this cause with bamboo fabric being a favorite among designers. With fashion designers paving the way in patronizing bamboo clothes, it’s a trend that you would no doubt want to adopt for your little munchkin!

Luckily, organic bamboo baby clothes allow parents to do just that - dress their little ones in an eco-friendly and fashion-conscious manner. Besides being luxuriously soft to the touch, baby clothing made from eco-friendly bamboo offers many other benefits. Apart from being sustainable, bamboo is also anti-bacterial - which other fabric can boast of this fabulous advantage that is especially valuable when it comes to baby clothing? In addition bamboo baby clothes are breathable and help reduce allergies. Below is a complete list of qualities parents can rely upon when they dress their baby in bamboo fabrics:

  • It’s sustainable. Parents know that having a baby in the house means they will be going through lots of baby clothes as they make several outfit changes throughout the day. Luckily, bamboo fiber actually gets softer every time it is washed, so baby will not lose one ounce of comfort from their favorite clothes. In a world that seemingly thrives on consumerism, it’s nice to find something that is both sustainable and reliable for our children.
  • It’s antibacterial. Several tests have been performed on fabrics made with bamboo versus regular cotton, wool, polyester, and other natural and man-made fibers. Many tests support the idea that clothing made from bamboo has high antibacterial characteristics, especially when compared to the other materials. In fact, some scientists suggest their findings show bamboo can actually destroy bacteria. These antibacterial properties allow baby to remain odorless from sweat, and it may even repel harmful bacteria attempting to grow on baby’s skin. The fact that bamboo grass can naturally fend off bacteria so well keeps it safe from harmful pesticides.
  • It’s breathable. Parents already know that they need to put their baby to sleep after they have been fed and changed. But one of the most important things they can do to keep their baby comfortable is to regulate their temperature. If baby is too hot, they cannot rest easy, causing them to wake more frequently and be fussy from lack of sleep and overall discomfort. When a baby is not well-rested, parents have no hope of getting their needed sleep either. Choosing a fabric that breathes allows moisture to be drawn away from baby’s skin and keeps them cozy and content – and allows Mom and Dad to catch a few zzzz’s, too.
  • It could help reduce allergies. A baby’s skin can be incredibly sensitive and highly susceptible to irritation and rash. Babies often suffer from allergies to formula, laundry detergent, or family pets, which can show up on their skin. Eczema is also a common issue for babies, creating dry, itchy skin that is especially prevalent on areas where the most body heat generates, like armpits or the backs of the knees. Because bamboo fiber is soft and organic, it can help calm baby’s irritated skin and reduce itchiness. The breathable aspect draws heat from the skin, helping to keep eczema at bay.

How Bamboo Clothing Helps Butterfly Children

What Is Epidermolysis Bullosa?

For babies and children suffering from epidermolysis bullosa, bamboo clothing can be beneficial. Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is a rare, chronic skin condition where the skin is extremely fragile and can react severely to the slightest contact with something. If a person with EB brushes up against a wall, or even hugs someone, they may break out in painful blisters. They may even have skin fall off completely. Because their skin is so fragile and can tear so easily, they are often referred to as “ butterfly children ,” and EB is sometimes called “butterfly skin disease .

EB can cause excruciating pain. A person afflicted with this condition can slough off skin in the same spot over and over, leaving little chance for the area to heal. Alternately, the skin may heal excessively in some spots, causing their fingers to fuse together, or their eyelids to grow shut. There are some treatments available, but EB has no known cure. The disease is often hereditary, and goes undetected in babies until they are born. Unfortunately, those born with EB tend to have shorter life expectancies: many only live until their 30s, and some babies born with rare strands of EB don’t make it beyond a few months.

Dressing Your Butterfly Child

Clothing plays an important role for all babies, but when a child has EB, what they wear can have a major effect on their health. Many forms of EB are so severe that dressing in a fabric that’s too rough can cause the child to break out in blisters. There are other important tips to keep in mind when dressing a baby with EB:

  • Avoid zippers; go for Velcro fasteners instead.
  • Look for tops with wide necklines.
  • Seams can be incredibly painful: steer clear of clothing, socks, and blankets that have seams.
  • Go for tagless clothing and blankets.
  • Bypass embroidered outfits and choose plain, classic pieces instead.

The choice of material is crucial as well. Children with EB need to stay cool and comfortable to avoid flare-ups. For example, wool should be avoided. The scratchy material can cause friction and leave the child miserable.

Synthetic fabrics like polyester are also poor choices. Polyester is not a breathable fabric. Instead, it traps heat and moisture close to the skin. Overly warm and moist skin can irritate a child’s EB.

How Bamboo Clothing Protects Children with EB

Babies affected by EB must be handled extremely carefully. In fact, their lives depend on this attention to care. Any wounds they experience must be dressed to help prevent any infection. Many experts agree that their clothes must be incredibly soft, almost silky, so as to not cause their EB to flare up.

Clothing made from bamboo fibers checks off many items on the list:

  • Because of its antibacterial properties, bamboo material can help fend off harmful bacteria, allowing fragile skin to heal.
  • The hypoallergenic material promises to prevent flare-ups of skin conditions, allowing people with the most sensitive skin to remain comfortable in their clothing. Babies with EB may be able to avoid painful blisters or other reactions when wearing bamboo clothing or wrapped in bamboo swaddles or blankets.
  • Children with EB need to keep their skin cool and free of excess moisture. Bamboo is ideal because it’s a breathable material that keeps the skin cool and pulls sweat and moisture away from the skin.
  • Bamboo makes incredibly soft material, which only improves with washing. When a baby is suffering from an agonizing skin condition like EB, parents want to do everything they can to make them comfortable. Dressing them in soft, airy fabric may not provide a cure, but it can certainly ease their pain and maybe even allow them to enjoy more restful nights.
  • Bamboo clothing has a silky texture and easy drape, making it a fairly anti-static material. This is a practical choice for children with EB, since they need to avoid clothing that causes friction.

Make Baby Riddle Your Source for Organic Bamboo Baby Clothing

As parents, we strive to do everything we can to keep our babies happy and healthy. Even if your child does not suffer from EB, their skin is still especially fragile, and they can be susceptible to painful, irritating reactions. If you already wash their clothes in a special detergent, why not go straight to the source and dress them in organic, hypoallergenic clothing too?

Say No to Artificial Clothes Crafted from Disease-Causing Chemicals & Dyes

At Baby Riddle, we know exactly where you’re coming from. We’re parents as well, and we’re also eager to reduce overconsumption in an effort to make the world a better place for our kids. We feed them healthy, organic foods and make sure they have plenty of exercise and fresh air. And we dress them in soft, plant-based fabrics that improve with age and promise to keep their skin cool, dry, and always baby-soft.

Besides, clothes made from artificial fabrics are treated with harmful chemicals that include heavy metals, chemical dyes, formaldehyde, benzene, and other harsh ingredients. As a result they can cause irritation, rash, and allergies when they come into contact with your baby’s precious and delicate skin. Plus baby clothes made out of synthetic fabrics such as, acrylic, polyester, rayon, nylon, and others can lead to odor and even serious skin ailments. Or worse some of these chemicals are known carcinogens and can cause damage to the lungs, liver, heart, and skin. Moreover dyes and bleaches are comprised of heavy metals that may even interfere with the development of babies and children and can also cause asthma and cancer.

On the other hand, dressing your tiny tot in organic bamboo baby clothing can help in keeping annoying skin irritation, itching, and harmful rashes at bay, enhancing their comfort. With no itchy allergies or skin conditions to disturb, your little munchkin will be able to enjoy deep sleep peacefully and comfortably for hours on end.

Dress your Tiny Tot in Organic Bamboo Baby Clothing for their Optimum Health

If you’re interested in discovering how organic bamboo baby clothing can improve the health and well-being of your little one, give our products a try.

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Have questions? No problem - our Customer Service team is always happy to answer them. Our goal is to educate and inspire everyone to work a little bit harder to make our earth as healthy as our children.

We hope you will want to make Baby Riddle clothing and baby products part of your natural, sustainable world. Shop organic bamboo baby clothes today!