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Everything Is S’more Fun Around The Campfire

When I think of camping, my mind immediately begins to dream of warm toasted marshmallows perfectly placed on a crisp graham cracker with melted chocolate dripping over the surface of the marshmallow making every bite sweet, crunchy, and deliciously messy. S’mores are our families staple for camping, sharing stories by the firepit in the backyard, and during the Christmas holidays.

Baby Riddle is excited to share a new collection from Birdie Bean that celebrates s’mores and camping in the very best ways. This collection is perfect for all camping and s’more lovers alike.

Collections like this one makes me reminisce of when my kids were little. My kids loved roasting marshmallows in the fireplace and sharing stories of some of our favorite or most memorable camping trips to the mountain and lake. One of my favorite Christmas memories was when our family loaded the living room floor up with sleeping bags, pillows, and stuffed animals. We roasted s’mores and watched Christmas movies lounging by our Christmas tree filled with presents. It may not have been the most comfortable night of sleeping, but it will be a memory we all cherish. Birdie Bean’s newest collection celebrates these moments perfectly.

Meet Grayson


Grayson- This bright blue print covered with the cutest s’mores of all kinds would be the perfect pajama set or footie for any s’mores lover.

Meet Sadie


Sadie- This sweet little print is absolutely adorable. This pink version of Grayson also celebrates s’mores but with whimsy and extra sugar. This perfect print is available in footies and pajama sets.

Meet Wilder


Wilder- Camping tents, flashlights, sleeping bags, and campfires adorn this cream colored pattern. This unisex print would look so cute on your next camping trip to the mountain or the living room floor.

Whether you are a fan of tent camping, RV camping, or blanket fort camping in the living room, I’m sure you will agree that memories are made, connections become stronger, and it's always worth it. This year, my oldest daughter will be home from college and I will be bringing back a whole lot of Christmas traditions that we may have “put away” for the last few years. I’ve realized that no one is too old for Christmas traditions. The goal is to have a family camp out in the living room this year and we will be roasting s’mores in the fireplace. For this year’s family camp out in the living room, I will have a couple different options for s’mores. Check out these cute ideas our family will be trying!

M&M S’mores:

*Graham Crackers


*green and red M&M’s

Peppermint Snowman S’mores

*Graham Crackers

*Snowman Peeps

*White chocolate peppermint bark

Oreo S’mores

*Green and Red filled Oreos


*milk chocolate bar

Baby Riddle has a huge assortment available from Birdie Bean. The creative use of color and imagination that Birdie Bean offers in all their prints brings out the kid in everyone. Check out all the adorable and prints and styles from Birdie Bean. And remember, there's always room for s'more family time, s'more bamboo pajamas, and s'more smores!

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