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Posh Peanut & Birdie Bean: The Top Bamboo Clothing Brands That Moms Love & Kids Request

When my youngest daughter Amelia turned 4, she decided that picking her own outfits was strictly her job, and she needed zero assistance. I obliged and allowed her to do so as long as her outfits were weather appropriate. Amelia was always so proud of herself coming out of her bedroom modeling her day’s outfit. Generally speaking, most of her outfits of choice consisted of bright colors, big bold patterns, and a lot of times, she was brave and added layers. She would never turn her nose up to a neon floral top, plaid leggings, tulle skirt, black patent leather dress shoes, and a big Christmas bow for her hair. Her style was eclectic and made plenty of statements. I love pulling out these photos and showing her her creative style when she was in elementary school. Although her style has emerged into the "trendy middle school" style, she still picks creative clothing. Amelia's style still looks adorable even if it doesn't make quite the statement as it did when she was 4. I will be honest, I do miss those wild outfits she used to choose. 

When I’d take all my kids shopping, they would all lean towards bright colors. As soon as they could begin to have an opinion on what clothes I’d purchase, they’d always choose bright bold colors. Wearing bright clothing was a way they would demonstrate their individuality and express themselves. Studies have shown that people choose clothing that accurately reflects themselves and how they want others to see them. Children tend to choose bright colors because they associate bright colors with happiness. Bright colors are playful, fun, and creative.

Baby Riddle carries many brands of bamboo clothing. Two of the more popular bamboo brands that Baby Riddle carries are Posh Peanut and Birdie Bean. Both of these brands are always producing new collections to appease all children and adults alike. From bold bright colors, to more warm neutrals, they both have prints to accompany any child’s best interest. Whether children choose bright colors or muted prints, both brands have many options.

Posh Peanut

Posh Peanut launches a new collection monthly. Their newest collection has three different prints and all three have a different perspective to a child's imagination. 

Meet Posh Peanut Skyla

Posh Peanut Skyla is an assortment of hand drawn Scandinavian rainbows. This print is seen in many children’s bedrooms as a minimalistic design that is very popular among children. Set on a light cream background, colorful Scandinavian rainbows are perfectly placed. This adorable design reflects the free spirit in every child.

Meet Posh Peanut Rogan

Posh Peanut Rogan is the perfect print for the future astronaut or stargazer. Rogan has a rich blue, milky way like palette that holds luminous stars which creates a feeling of peace and calmness.

Meet Posh Peanut Briella

Posh Peanut Briella celebrates the meteorological phenomenon of a sun-shower in the most playful way. Adorable clouds, rain drops, sunshine and hearts, this print is sure to bring the best of luck.

Birdie Bean

Birdie Bean is known in the bamboo community for creating the brightest of prints. Their newest collection, Kane, is sure to be a favorite of children who love color.

Meet Birdie Bean Kane

Birdie Bean Kane is a blast of color, creativity, bravery, and super powers. This print is bright, courageous, and heroic! Placed perfectly on a bright blue background lies various animal superheroes. Little animals driving fast cars, flying through the air, dressed in super power capes, this print is so exciting and full of imagination that empowers little ones to be the best they can be! 

Baby Riddle is proud to offer many bamboo brands for families looking for that special touch of creativity for their little ones. Whether your child prefers bright bold colors, or cooler neutrals, Baby Riddle is the place to shop for all things bamboo. These limited edition Posh Peanut and Birdie Bean collections celebrate the imagination and uniqueness in all children. Fostering their creativity and ongoing curiosity is important and necessary. Check out Baby Riddle’s large selection of Posh Peanut and Birdie Bean. We are always excited to share new prints, especially ones that will enhance your child’s self expression.

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