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Pine Music Class

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KicKee Pants Print Stroller Blanket - Pine Music Class - One Size

Print Bamboo Stroller Blanket - Pine Music Class - One Size

KicKee Pants

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Kickee Pants Pine Music Class - First Day of School

This print of musical notes and symbols in faint powdery Illusion Blue, vibrant turquoise Cerulean Blue, and medium blue-grey Slate is backed with a warm deep forest green Pine. The musical rest reminds us that the most beautiful sound of our little one is their sleepy sigh. It’s their first cry before they are first placed in your arms. The notes are the music in their laughter, and the soft first “I love you". It's fiddle festivals. It’s pep rallies and team chants. It's singing to whatever song comes on the radio on road trips, and then it is the chords that play as they parade out to sit together for their graduation. It’s all the heartbeats in between and all the joyous laughter to come. This print is made of the sweet memories yet to be heard and treasured.