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  1. What is your Privacy Policy? Your information is so private that we will not even reveal the results to you.  When you order, a confidentiality waiver is on the Authorization Form.  Both of the founders have worked in the healthcare industry. The only part in the waiver that you are giving information to us is: your name, address, telephone, email, due date, baby’s gender.  The privacy of your personal information is very important to us. We will not share, sell, rent or disclose personally identifying information to third parties. Your secret is our secret.  Please see our Privacy Policy.
  2. If I am keeping the baby’s gender a surprise, how can I get boy or girl clothing to my doorstep before I have the baby?  We have the perfect solution.  Clickhere to see how it works.
  3. How do I know what box to choose? Baby Riddle has selected items with a variety of prices, styles and pieces of clothing.  We offer quality products, from organic to designer brands, etc.  It all depends on your budget, needs and personal taste.
  4. How do you prepare the boxes?  The boxes will be split into familiar gender colors or patterns.  The packages will vary depending on what the manufacturers offer.  Different types of boxes will be available to our customers, i.e.; Celebration, Cozy, Bliss, Dreamy Organic, Bubbly, Bedazzle.  The number of pieces, i.e.; thirty-eight items through two items.  You can also build your own box or add additional items, see Build-A-Box.  We put together packages hoping to put another smile on your face.  Your happiness is our success.
  5. What style of clothing is in the boxes?  It will depend on the size of box you choose.  When ordering you will see the amount of pieces that will come in your box.  Some of the pieces are; Gowns, Rompers, Footies, Sleepers, Leggings, Onesies, Pants, Dress, Hats, Socks, Mittens, Blanket Bags (seasonal/optional), Receiving Blankets, Blankets.  We follow the brands listed on your box category as close as possible.  On occasion the brand may change due to the supply from the manufacturer; we will replace it with items of equal or greater value.   The time frame from receiving your order and shipping is around 3-4 months.  We try to stay consistent with our products and always give you the best quality.
  6. Why are these pieces of clothing picked for my newborn?  From personal experience and research.  The clothing which has been selected is from multiple mothers’ opinions. Clothing needs to be comfortable, practical and of course, cute. Newborns do not fit into highly stylized clothing very well; it is rather awkward on their little bodies.  Newborns sleep requirements are quite large and mothers tend to stay home more frequently.  Babies just need to be comfortable and cozy.  We have selected clothes that are coveted by new moms.
  7. What sizes do you send?  The sizes will be Newborn to 0-3 months.  We have chosen a selection that will accommodate the different sizes of a newborn at birth.  The packages are designed to give you a good start.   You will be able to enjoy your baby and leave the worries behind about shopping.  If you would like us to order more sizes for you, please contact us at:, and we will be glad to accommodate you.
  8. Why do you send the package approximately three weeks before my due date?  Women generally deliver their babies between 37-40 weeks.  We wanted to make sure that you receive your package on time.
  9. What if I want the box at a different time?  If you have the temptation to open it within the three weeks, please put the delivery date you would like it sent in the comment box at checkout.
  10. How will my items be packaged?  You will receive your package in a standard shipping box with our label on it.  Inside the box, your items will be packaged into a gift box.  If you are receiving the “Take Me Home” package, it will be in a small package or box that you can put into your hospital suitcase.  Some gift packages will be sent in a preset gift box from the manufacturer.
  11. What if I want the clothes laundered?  We offer this service as well, for an additional charge.  We will have your Take Me Home outfit washed and ready for your new baby.
  12. What if a friend or family member wants to order a package for me?  That would be fantastic.  Our policy states that all packages for customers who want to keep the gender a surprise will go to the expectant parent’s home unless otherwise advised by the parents.  Gift Cards are available also.  We want to keep your surprise a secret for all.
  13. What if I already know the gender of my baby and want to purchase a girl or boy box or a gift?   Perfect -- just choose your package and add it to the shopping cart and checkout.   We have designed our packages to make it easy to shop. 
  14. What if I want to give this as a shower gift?  We have gift cards available.  Boxes can be sent before or after the baby’s birth.  If it is prior to delivery and the parents are keeping it a surprise, it will be at the parent’s discretion when and where the box is sent.  If you know the gender and want to order a gift box, they are available to order at anytime.
  15. What if I want to reveal the gender of the baby at my shower?  How fun!  Just contact us and let us know where you want the packages sent. 
  16. What if I do not receive a confirmation email after I sent in the form?  Please call us immediately if you do not receive a confirmation from us within two weeks of mailing the release form at 1-866-927-2524.  Check your spam folder as sometimes emails will get filtered out.
  17. What if my baby comes earlier than 37 weeks?  Just call or email and your package will be sent as soon as we can package it and the carrier can pick it up.
  18. What if the baby is the wrong gender stated on my form?  We will ship the correct gender box, you return the other.
  19. Can I order by mail?  Yes.  We accept only Money Orders or a Certified Check.
  20. What forms of payment do you accept?  We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express, and payments through Pay Pal.
  21. Can I track my order?  Yes.  You can get into your account and see your order status and tracking number.
  22. When will my order ship?  If you are keeping the gender a surprise, your order will be shipped approximately four weeks before your stated due date.  You should receive it within the three weeks before the baby is born.  Other gift orders or personal orders received Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) will be processed within two business days. Orders placed on weekends and holidays will be processed within the next two business days.
  23. Do you have expedited shipping? Yes, please call or email us to rush your order.
  24. How will I know the status of my order?  One of our account managers will email you as soon as your package has been shipped. Tracking numbers are supplied as soon as the gift ships.
  25. Who pays the shipping costs?  The customer pays all shipping charges unless there is a “free shipping” promotion.  Please see Shipping Policy.